How to decrease waste when sewing?

Sewing is a beautiful art and it performs some operations on the cloths and finally produces an amazing product to the people. Mostly it is used to make various types of dresses and any other cloth products. During sewing process some wastage will be available so you have to know some tricks to reduce that wastages. There are two type of wastage available in sewing process that are,

  • Thread wastage
  • Cloth wastage.

Why we need best sewing machine?

The sewing operation is performed by using sewing machine and sometimes the machine can cut threads and making thread wastages when you are using a machine which has low quality. So first you have to choose the best sewing machine the following tips are useful for you to choose the best sewing machine. Many sewing machines are available in this world so before buying that consider the following points,

  • You need to know the workload of machine.
  • You have to select the noiseless machine.
  • Check that machine has built in stitches.
  • Size and weight is one of the important things because sometimes you want to move that from one place to another place so you have to choose the light weight sewing machine.

The wastage is not only produced by worst sewing machine, the worst threads also make any damages on the cloths so you have to choose the best cotton or threads for your sewing. Assume if your thread has no strength or worth it makes a wrong stitch on the cloth and it should be waste so the threads also make some damage in sewing process that’s why you have to choose the best thread.

Tips to reduce your sewing waste:

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In any work just plan before doing that process it should the wastage so do some following simple things to reduce your sewing waste such as,

  • Before purchasing fabrics plan and alter the pattern layouts after that buy fabrics according to your need.
  • When cutting out patterns take a minute to think about alternative pattern piece placement then cut that cloth as your need and wish.
  • Reduce seam allowance on your pattern it should useful for save several inches of fabrics.
  • Try to avoid making muslins and use alternates to fabrics.
  • Before cut out your pattern just think about positioning of your fabric. There are two ideas depending on the fabric such as,
  • Mittens for homeless and
  • Sani-panti parts for girls.
  • You can make some new items from already made one by performing altering process. Sometimes you just do this altering process for fun but it makes an amazing item in the result.
  • You have to know the details about environmental impact of the specific fabric which you are using.
  • Before buying sews items like bobbins for your sewing machine make sure they will be worn for multiple years.


For getting improvement in that field you can follow the above tips and get constant salary for your product.

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