Price of scrap metal on the east coast

The scrap is nothing but it consists of the recyclable materials that are left over from product consumption and manufacturing such as building supplies, surplus materials and parts of vehicles. Unlike waste, the scrap has a monetary value especially the non metallic materials and recovered metals which can also be recovered for recycling. The use of the recycled scrap metals is that the scrap metal such as steel, copper, iron, brass and aluminum can be reused many times to make many new products. The recycling scrap metals reduces the amount of the waste produced while it also prevent the need of additional mining obtain by the new metals for manufacturing purposes.

If the magnet does not stick to your metal then the metal is non ferrous metal where the common metals are aluminum, stainless steel, bronze and brass are categorized as the non ferrous metal. These metals are very valuable one to recycle and are worth more money at the scrap yard metals.

Scrap materials price

The following are the some of the scrap materials that are available on the east coast and its price are given below.

  • Zinc Scrap – Compared to the stainless steel the price of the zinc scrap is found to be somewhat less which is of 1.3
  • Brass/bronze scrap – The price of the scrap is of about 1.43 and the values of the price differ according to the different types of brass and bronze alloys.
  • Copper scrap – The price of the copper scraps starts from the 1 to 3 where each of the copper scrap materials vary in their price

The each of the scraps like Stainless scrap, Aluminum scrap, Electronics scrap, Lead scrap are having their own scrap price where the every metal alloys have the different use and their chemical compositions are also different. Based on the chemical properties and the quality each scrap is categorized with the different prices.