Did you think is the sewing getting dead?

Sewing is the process of stitching some cloths or fabrics to make a new thing like dress. In my point of view the sewing process will never get dead because we need sewing to make any dress, bags, pillow covers and etc. sometimes the sewing machine may get died but the sewing will never die. The sewing process is very helpful for you to make a wonderful dress and this process was done by the usage of sewing machine, threads and fabrics. If you want to perform sewing process, first you have to buy best sewing machine, best threads and best cloths. Why you want to buy best things and why you have to take special concentration for selecting the best things, the reason is those things are performing most important role in sewing so you have to take special care.

What is the best sewing machine?

Machine is a most important thing for sewing because the sewing machine can easily and perfectly do your sewing work. This machine will give the beautiful dress to you so it should be in good condition and easy to maintain. Before buying your sewing machine just search the details about sewing machine on the internet. There are more no of best sewing machine available in this world so select the best one from that list and only few of the best machine names are given below,

  • Singer 9960 sewing machine
  • Brother PC420PRW computerized sewing machine
  • Janome HD3000 Heavy – Duty sewing machine
  • Michley LSS-505 Lil sews and sews multi-purpose sewing machine and etc.

By using this machine you can do your sewing process without doing difficult job.

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Tips for Selecting Threads:

The cottons are mostly used in an embroidering process which is performed on the dresses and it gives the natural beautiful look for your dresses. There are multiple types of cotton threads available in this world such as,

  • Mercerized Cotton Thread
  • Glazed Cotton Thread
  • Gassed Cotton Thread
  • Cotton-Wrapped Polyester Thread.

For selecting good threads just follow the below steps,

  • You can select the thread according to yours fabric type because heavy weight fabric need different type of thread compared to light weight cotton fabric.
  • Choosing the threads based on your stitching type because you have already got some idea to make these types of stitches.
  • You should consider the machine type before buying sewing threads because some machines only support specific type of cottons.

How to sew?

Some peoples are don’t know how to sewing, if you want to sew just do the following steps.

  • First you have to know about basic sewing tools like needles, scissors, pincushion & pins, measuring taps, fabrics, thread and bobbins.
  • Threading the needle and there are two ways to do this such as one thread or doubled thread.
  • Next running basic stitches.
  • Then try to do backstitches.
  • After that learn slip stitching it is little complicated but it is best option to learn sew.
  • Next try decorative stitches on the cloth.

What is the best new sewing technology?

In fashion world every people like to wear a grand dress with high embroidery works or different designs. The sewing process helps them to make those types of dresses by using sewing machines. You can easily done this sewing process by using sewing machines and more number of sewing machines are available in this world so first you have to choose the best sewing machine. Then you have to buy a best cotton o threads and fabrics to make a wonderful dress. After purchasing those all things you can start the sewing operations on the fabric.

Why you give more importance for sewing?

Everyone wearing dress in this world for covering our body and it is our culture. Nowadays the culture is highly developed so the people can generally judge another people by their dressing sense. Your dress can display your culture, background and status in every place. So you should give some special importance for your dress and multiple types of dresses are selling in the shops and online markets. The cloth stores and dress showrooms are highly developed in all areas which showrooms has many sections for each people like men section, women section and kid section. So they need sewing process for selling dresses in those showrooms.

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The sewing process is not only used for those marketers, if you learn sewing you can make your dress by putting your own talent and effort. By learning sewing you can get following benefits.

  • Sewing can save your money because you can make your dresses so there is no necessary to spend money in cloth showrooms.
  • Using this sew you can earn money by stitching dresses, bags, bed and pillow covers and etc.
  • Sewing can shows off your creative side which means it shows your talents & creativity thoughts.
  • Sewing can reduce your stress, if you get any stress and tensions try to sewing it should divert your mind from those tensions.
  • Sewing can saves your time because you have to spend more time in the dress stores or if you give cloths another people for sewing you should wait certain time or day to get that dress. So if you made your dress yourself it should reduce your time as well as money.
  • If you give cloths to someone for make dress there is a possible for cloth waste. When you sewing yourself you can utilize that waste cloths by making any other things like kerchiefs.

Advanced sewing machine features:

Following are the best new sewing technology which contains the all best sewing machine features.

  • Durkopp Adler 269
  • Spreading Machine
  • Juki LZ-2290A-SS-7
  • Juki LG-158-1
  • Eastman Blue Streak II
  • Jack JK-T6035
  • Highlead GC20698-2D
  • Juki AMS-210D and
  • Consew 2050.

Nowadays the above technologies are widely used in the fabric world and the best sewing machine features are,

  • Work space
  • Stitch quality and quietness
  • Automatic end of stitch features
  • Easy to learn
  • Lighting
  • Stable hoops
  • Comes with complete accessories package
  • Special layered fabric feeding system
  • Free motion quality and
  • Embroidery placements.